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Jillian Clare
Born Victoria Anne Archer, Tori is the apple of her Daddy’s eye and childhood bestie of Dylan and Danielle. Raised in an
affluent Malibu community, Tori is smitten after hooking up with bad boy Riley Clark, and goes to extreme measures to
cover up her new wild side while trying to continue her ‘normal’ high school experience and good girl image. Season Two
brings new torment to Tori’s life, when her life is turned upset down just prior to her 17th birthday party.

Brett DelBuono
Tori’s grade school boyfriend, Dylan thinks the flame is still burning and is determined to win her heart at any expense. He
sees the good in everyone, and is quick to defend his “girl” when others start to believe she may be leading a double life.

Jenna Stone
Tori’s best friend since kindergarten, Danielle is the first to question Tori’s behavior and wonder if she’s lying. To make matters
worse, she has had a crush on Dylan forever, and wonders when the day will come that he will like her instead of Tori.
As Season Two unfolds, we learn that Danielle has a new boyfriend, one of Riley’s crew from Season One, Christian.

Trevor Nelson
Named after his extremely driven father William George Archer, they couldn’t be more different. Recently expelled from
college, Billy lacks motivation, self-control and discipline – something his mother, aka “The Queen”, is quick to remind him
of everyday. He strives to please her, but is a constant disappointment which serves as the root of his day-to-day problems.

Bianca Magick
The bad influence in Tori’s life, Tasha loves to live life on the edge – and party everyday. She’s always on the prowl
for a new boy, and doesn’t let anyone stand in her way once she finds her next victim. Her daily routine consists
of coffee, shopping and the beach. She shares a strange and secretive relationship with her step-brother, Riley.

Jamison Tate
A former bad boy, Christian has been dating Danielle, and until recently, seemed to only have eyes for her
but he’s had a secret crush on Tori since he met her through Riley - he’s about to take the leap…literally.

James Rustin
Tori’s favorite cousin who regularly travels the world for his career, Alex has always put his relationship
with Tori first, and steps in to protect and help her during the most difficult time of her life.

Michael Bolten
An Aussie born actor visiting the USA to promote his latest film, Noah meets Alex by chance and is brought to Tori’s 17th
birthday party in the hopes of cheering her up - he surprises himself when he’s instantly infatuated with the troubled girl.

Marco James
Dropping out of Malibu Christian his senior year, all the girls know about Riley Clark – he’s broken most of their hearts. A tough
guy, that runs with a rough crowd, Riley doesn’t seem to care about anything except hanging out with his friends and partying.

Mr. Owens
Darin Brooks
Blake Owens began teaching English at Malibu Christian last year to the delight of all the high school girls. He has plans to direct
a production of Romeo & Juliet for the School Drama program and has his mind set on just one girl to portray Juliet – Tori Archer.

Elizabeth “The Queen” Archer
Terri Garber
The long awaited introduction of the Queen, mother to Tori and Billy, happens in the series finale of Miss Behave. Enough said.

And a host of AMAZING Guest Stars including…..

Patrika Darbo, Jacee Jule, Brendan Robinson, Kasey Campbell, Eric Martsolf, Madisen Beaty,
Christopher Recupito Rossi, Kyle Kaplan, Bobby Preston, Christina de Leon, Brian Beacock,
Vinnie Pergola, Nick DelBuono, Michael LiCalizi, Brennan Bailey, Rylie Beaty and Shannon Esra.